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Why must people judge?
Your opinion is not fact
To each their own bliss

My new campaign slogan

I think I can sum up this election (and in fact, many elections if you substitute the names) in one bumper-sticker worthy slogan:
John Kerry
He’s not perfect, but he’s not Bush


Cell phones are so tiny
Always getting tinier
Soon you’ll need tweezers

Shepherds of the Night

Tick-tock goes the clock
Counting sheep can be messy
Beware dream droppings

Dude! Applicances!

This weekend we were helping our friend Travis move to his new third floor apartment. It came time to move his washer and dryer (ugh) and he expressed how he really wished he could have sold them so he wouldn’t have to move them. I inquired as to how much he wanted for them and he told me they were $1200 brand new 2 years ago, and he bought them used for $800, so he would like about $400, and since we were friends and that would save him from moving them we could pay it out in installments. Everybody wins!
We jumped in his moving van (now empty except for the washer and dryer) and went to our apartment where I quickly threw everything we were currently storing in the empty laundry room into any empty space I could fin in the rest of our small apartment. We installed the washer and dryer, and later when Jess and I came home we sorted out the carnage and tried to figure out where to put all the crap that was formerly stored where the washer and dryer now live.
No more trips to the laundry room and worrying about having tons of quarters! Wooooo!


Hair getting shaggy
To cut it or let it grow?
Life’s big decisions


I have some canned air
How can they charge for this stuff?
It’s all around us!

Shaun of the Dead

Do you like zombies? Do you like laughs? Would you like a witty movie with zombies that makes you laugh your arse off?
Go see Shaun of the Dead.
See CNN’s review here.


Hidden Valley Ranch
If their dressing is so good,
Why are they hiding?

Fairy Haiku

A princess in need
She kissed a frog and then died
Poison Arrow Frog