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Stick It To The Man!

Life has been way busy lately, thus my lack of blogging. The biggest news is that as of Thursday, I am unemployed. I quit my job. Jess is currently working at one company who look to want to get her on permanently, and is supposed to hear back from another job this week. Since things were looking good for her we decided that it was time to quit my soul sucking job which constantly makes me miserable. I will still try for some temp work and keep my eye open for other jobs, as well as trying my hardest to get hired at the video game company here where I have several friends trying to get me in, but I hope to be able to go back to pursuing my musical/acting aspirations as I was doing before the “real” job came along.
The Toreadors CD is coming along finally, and we look to hopefully have it finished by the end of this year, or soon thereafter. It is definitely my best musical work to date. I’m quite excited.
Next weekend, I am best man at Andy and Liz’s wedding as well as singing a song in Italian. It’s also the closest weekend to Me and Jess’s second anniversary, so we’re renting a Jacuzzi suite for the weekend since we have to get a room for the wedding stuff ot of town anyway.
We’ve been so busy that our Netflix and Tivo queues pile up with unwatched movies and shows, our City of Heroes characters have not been seen in Paragon city for quite some time, and we need more sleep. At least after Thursday I can rest for a bit since I won’t have to work!

Daylight Savings

I love to fall back
Give me my damn hour back
Let’s just stop switching

Fowl Story

A duck in a store
He needs to buy some Chap Stick
“Put it on my bill”

Defense Mechanisms

A queen in danger
Crazy dogs on the attack
Brick in her handbag
If you don’t get this, then you need to watch more Eddie Izzard

Culinary Chemistry

Prepare some pasta
Mix it with Anti-pasta
Could be dangerous

Joyful Trepidation

A new adventure
I’m leaving my crappy job
Less cash, more happy


This is a repeat
Yesterday’s haiku was late
Go and take a look

Ad Bastards

Ban ads before films
I don’t wanna damn Fanta
Free films or no ads


Comicon is here
Geeks and celebrities mix
Someday I’ll be both


Don’t break your G-string
It can be painful, you know
Guitars need 6 strings