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Road trip

We’re off to Dallas
Separate gender parties
Boo separation!

Sci-Fi Lies

It’s 2004
Silver jumpsuits, flying cars
Where the hell are they?


For self-esteem boost:
Drop about 35 pounds
Go to friend’s wedding

America! @$%! Yeah!

Team America
So blatantly un-PC
Extremely funny


They get all of the credit
George Martin was key


Annika and Will are wed
I wish we were there

Rock to Come

We prepare to rock
Velvet Revolver Tickets
We have two of them

Hidden Album Track

It all started on the way home from a gig with my cover band once day. We got to talking about band names for the project I was working on with Craig Davis (which has since become The Toreadors) and my band mate Donnie, kept coming up with random things, sometimes culled from passing road signs. One random one from his head was “The Skagnastics”, which we found amusing, but then he came up with one that for some reason just made us laugh our asses off. Treasure Pie. This amused us way more than it should have.
I relayed this story to Craig and a week later he had written a song called “Treasure Pie”. It was a fun, silly little ditty, and my mind immediately had a vision for it. A vision of drunken pirates, a peg-legged tap dancing pirate, tubas, accordions, kazoos, and general insanity.
Last night and today, I took the demo Craig had recorded and added my own insanity into the mix. I was far more pleased than I should be, and find it all terribly amusing and catchy at the same time.
So grab your grog, and experience Treasure Pie.


Winter is coming
A wonderful time of year
Despite the “shrinkage”


Leaves fall in autumn
Some lose hair in life’s “autumn”
Trees get no back hair