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Wait, how does it go?
How many syllables here?
Where’s the snack cakes, man?

Nectar of Life

We all need water
Without, we wither and die
Still cold down your pants


Space is much like life
Both beautiful and deadly
You must come equipped


When death comes for you
Rapping his scythe on your door
Hide under the couch

Everything’s Broken

What sad state we’re in. Jess’s Teeth have really been bothering her lately (she has a dentist appointment next week), and apparently two nights ago I slept in such a way as to make my neck reject the rest of my body. It’s completely stiff. I can’t turn my head at all and if I move the wrong way, the back left side completely seizes up and shoots pain throughout me for about a second or so like the Emperor’s force lightning in “Return of the Jedi”. This makes driving quite interesting. You never really realize how much you turn your head until you can’t do it. It also makes sleeping very difficult, and changing positions while sleeping becomes a huge and painful production. My band gig tomorrow should be interesting.
The truck was leaking coolant since we got back from L.A. and after spending $300 to replace the water pump, now the left side of my car stereo’s display no longer works. It appears that I’m listening to “7 FM”. Luckily we’re ordering a Toyota Prius. Wooo!
Despite all this, life is pretty damn good. We’ve both got good jobs where we’re happy and bringing in decent money between us, and can’t really complain in the big scheme of things.
Since I got this job, I’ve been so much more appreciative of everything. I’m constantly thinking about the people I deal with in any given situation. The guy who made my sandwich, the person in the retail shop, the waiter at the restaurant, etc. I know how lucky I am and really appreciate the people who are most likely doing jobs they don’t really want to be doing, as most of the world probably does.
This isn’t any kind of judgment such as “Oh you poor pathetic sandwich shop worker.” It’s more that I really wish everyone could be doing something they truly want to be doing. I want everyone to have full, happy, satisfied lives. Maybe the guy at the sandwich place is genuinely happy. Maybe he likes to make a little money, joke with his co-workers, and go home to play video games or something. If this is the case, then excellent. If this is not the case then I do appreciate the position he’s in and hope he finds something more fulfilling as I have. I always try to see the other side and fully appreciate the people I’m dealing with. I think it’s probably far too common and easy to get wrapped up in our own business, our own lives, and forget about our “fellow man” as it were.
All in all, most of us probably have pretty damn good lives, even if our necks cause us to erupt in violent bursts of profanity due to waves of pain.

Terms of Endearment

I walked outside this morning before work to check on the my truck since it’s been leaking coolant lately. When I opened the door there was a huge pile of clothes and belongings on the ground. It looked as if someone may have pissed someone else off and thus the second someone had tossed their stuff out of the apartment. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw a note on the apartment upstairs which read “Get the fuck out, limpy dick!” It was kind of hard to read, and I kept thinking that surely it must say “limp dick” but I’m fairly positive there was a “y” on it.

Compliment or curse?

The other night I had a sex dream about a WDer. Now first off, I don’t really remember any details at all so there will be no saucy details. I just realized later in the day that when I awoke, I realized that I had the vague and fuzzy memory. I remembered who it was and possibly some of the activities, but it was all really vague to the point that I almost didn’t even realize I had dreamt it.
I think I kind of put it out of my mind at first because I felt weird about it. Later when I had come to terms with it, I told Jess (neither one of us has any hangups, weirdness, or jealousy about things like that) and she was just jokingly disappointed that she hadn’t been involved.
I just thought I would put this tantalizing bit of info out there because now I find it amusing, and I’ve been crap at blogging.


A new addiction
“World of Warcraft” has got us
Join our addiction!


So many fun games
Friends have gone separate ways
Need one uber-game!