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Mechanical bliss
Driving is now a pleasure
Toyota Prius

The Cult of Prius

Anyone who spends $30,000 on a car which is not a Toyota Prius is a making a huge mistake. This car is the coolest thing I have ever owned. More importantly, the “bang for the buck” on this car is off the scale in my opinion. If I just had to guess the price based on seeing and driving it, I would put it much higher.

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We picked up our Toyota Prius this morning. Pure bliss. Words can not convey the awesomeness of this car. We paid about 31K for it completely and utterly decked out and it was worth every penny. If I didn’t know the price and had to estimate its value, I would have guessed much higher.
Pictures and details will be forthcoming.


We were out celebrating a friend’s birthday when I heard one of the funniest kid-related stories ever. It probably will not translate as well in text form since the delivery of the story is what really sold it, but I have to relate it anyway.

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I have been posessed
Mitch Hedberg inhabits me
Crazy talk, alright

Inner Monkey

Look inside yourself
Embrace your inner monkey
Everyone has one

Transform your face!

Using the link Annika posted, I played around with transforming my face. These two were my favorite:
Monkey Heath!

Old Heath is kinda creepy


Monday was not good
Overall, life is still good
Bugger off Monday

Drive by blogging

Just a quick little tidbit: Art made from children’s artwork. Very cool.


I promised myself
No more procrastinating
I should get to that