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Heathfucious say…

I came up with something the other day that I was quite proud of. I was thinking about my creative pursuits and how much they are a part of me. How much I enjoy doing work related to music, acting and such. Then it dawned on me: You know if you are in your perfect occupation if you enjoy working as much as you enjoy not working.
For example my job is great as far as jobs go, but I still prefer being home and goofing off, watching movies or doing any of the cornucopia of leisure activities I enjoy. However I do enjoy my creative pursuits just as much as I enjoy doing nothing. Even if I was infinitely wealthy I would still be pursuing the music, acting, writing, film making etc.
I figure maybe .0001% probably fall into this category. I wish you all luck in finding that job which you enjoy doing as much as you enjoy not doing.

The Vespa Cowboy

Somewhere in L.A.
A cowboy on a Vespa
He only turns right

Are we stereoypes?

Jess and I drove to Houston to see the LOTR exhibit at the Houston Museum of Natural Science today and then drove home. It ruled.
Regarding the title: As Jess was fixin’ up some grub, I stood there noticing that we were both wearing T-shirts we got at a mad $5/shirt sale at Mondo Tees, a local business which sells sort of “retro”/cheesy t-shirts. She was wearing a Sin City shirt and I was wearing an “Austin Film Society and Alamo Drafthouse Present “Kill Bill” shirt.
I suddenly had to laugh and say “Here we are wearing shirts with a film by an Austin director, a local hip Austin theatre, bought at a trendy local Austin retro T-shirt shop, I’m an actor and musician, we make our own short films, we don’t eat refined carbs, you work for a green high tech company, me for a video game company and we drive a Prius hybrid. We are such stereotypes. I roll other people’s eyes at us.”

[radio voice] And we’re baaaack! [/radio voice]

So as most of you probably gathered from Jess’ posts, we’re back from our 2005 UK extravaganza. It was fun but exhausting as usual. I always need a vacation after my vacations to just sit back, do nothing and recover.

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