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The weight of the world vs. the weight of my body

I started getting really cold feet about this condo business once I’d crunched the numbers, but have made some peace with it now. I talked to our bank this morning and ironed out all the numbers and have now worked out a plan that should work for us, although it will stretch us uncomfortably close to our monthly limit. This is some heavy stuff man. I’ve found this whole process to be like a series of ninja hurdles. Every time you think you’re done, another one pops up.
First we had to pick a place and a realtor. Then we had to see other options and actually decide. Then we had to make the offer and have some money ready to go up front. Then I saw what the “closing” costs would be and thought that there was no way this was going to happen because we have NO money saved up. Then we borrowed some for the up front payment (thanks, Papa!) and worked out a financing plan that alleviates the closing costs problem. Now if our offer and loan all go through we’re going to have to show we have “liquid assets” enough to cover at least three months of payments, which we do not. We shall see what happens.
In other exciting news, after getting back from out UK trip where we had pretty much blew off the diet, we went back onto phase 1 for two weeks to try and do some disaster control (I had been meaning to go a little stricter for a while anyway just to get a little closer to where I’d like to be). The two weeks is over and I am at my new record lowest weight. Sweeeeeet. Some people think I’m getting too skinny, but believe me, it’s only by comparison to the old me. There is still some flab and some love handles going on. I am no skeleton. Nor do I intend to be, but I’m liking the progress I’m seeing.

Excited and scared pantsless!

We made an offer on a condo yesterday. It was all very sudden, but I really felt like fate had lined it all up perfectly.

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This one’s for Jenny

Who, by the way, I’ve always thought (and still think) is incredibly cool, intelligent, talented, intriguing, and beautiful if a bit self-destructive possibly.
Why is this one for Jenny? Because it’s about Oasis. Now I think I remember reading that she may have gotten over her whole Oasis thing, but mine is just starting.

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