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Gustavo’s Theme

I thought I’d post this little recording here in case anyone was interested.
I was finishing up a comedic short film that me and a friend had made when I decided to add some music underneath one scene at the last minute. I fired up the DAW and threw down two pieces of music really quickly for the scene. This was during the course of a marathon editing session in order to get this piece out quickly, so I didn’t have a lot of time to be my obsessive perfectionist self.
The playing is sloppy as **** , there was no effects or other post processing done to it at all. Just hit record and went. I pieced it together over many, many, many takes.
So as I said, it’s sloppy, unprocessed and unpolished, but without further disclaimer, Gustavo’s theme
As a bonus, here is the other piece of score I composed for the film.

Lex Luthor

For our “Movie Musketeers” segment filming last night, we were interviewing viewers coming out of “Superman Returns”, so Larry once again got some more mileage from his Superman costume, Hillary was Supergirl and I was Lex Luthor. Hopefully I can get my hands on some of the many pictures that were taken of the three of us together.

Heathfucious say:

The burrito of opportunity is bigger than your face.
This has nothing to do with anything, but is just a bit of wisdom that I spouted the other day and I thought I would relate it to you completely free of context.

Prison Break’s newest inmate

So I had always intended get rid of the mohawk and buzz my head for a Keanu Reeves matrix skit I’m filming, and then shaving bald the next week to get the Lex Luthor look for the “Superman Returns” premiere, but in light of my lay off today, I decided it was a good time to go ahead and buzz my head now in a symbolic new beginning.
Coming next week…total baldness!


A new beginning
Lose your troubles with your locks
Fuzzy cranium

Why working in the video game industry sucks

Because there tend to be lots of layoffs. Like me. Today. Well, maybe this is my chance to once again try and use my new found contacts to get film work and such.
Always look on the bright side of life

Save the internet!

Everyone who likes to use the internet and access all websites equally should at least give a glance to There is a lot of information and some handy links and such to allow you to easily send your representatives a message stating that the Internet should star neutral, free and unmanipulated by corporations who would love to have control over what websites get precedence.

Some Austin Movie Show segments

I’ve uploaded some of the segments that we’ve produced for the Austin Movie show. More to come! Sadly, I can’t seem to get any better quality from my uploads, but they should suffice for now.

Amazing free home recording program: Reaper

If you’ve been wanting to turn your home PC into a recording studio, but don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars to spend on expensive program,s I highly suggest checking out Reaper. This program is currently in development and completely free. Its capabilities are absolutely amazing and can very much give extremely expensive commercial programs a run for their money. In fact in some ways, and depending on your personal needs, it may be better than some of the big fish. Don’t be fooled by its plain appearance. It may look a bit primitive, but really that’s a good thing. You’re not wasting precious CPU cycles on shiny pretty graphics and bells and whistles. Instead all your computer power can go into important things like processing audio. While the UI may not be the sleekest looking thing, it’s certainly functional and easily does everything you need to do.
Though it is technically “in development”, there are extremely frequent updates, and it is a solid program, not some buggy beta. With this one free program, you can have more recording power in your PC than The Beatles had during their entire career. Talent, however, is not included.