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Who wants my autograph?

Some of you might remember when I was an extra on the upcoming film about Truman Capote titled “Infamous”. In the new trailer for the movie, there are two short clips of the scene I was in. In one of them I’m fairly positive that youc an actually see me in the background. Take a look:

I’m almost positive that’s me. Such a glamorous life I lead.


The many faces
Versatility is key
Gary Oldman rules

The many faces of Heath

I’ve been working on my self-marketing in preparation to try and get an agent and some real acting work. I decided to make up some kind of post cards or something to send as thank you notes or whatever and came up with this collage that I’m going to put on the left hand side. I thought it was pretty cool.

Next update: my grueling week of work as an extra. Oy. Quite possibly the some of the hardest days of work of my life. stay tuned.