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Typekey logins are fixed

So apparently no one has been able to log in to typekey to comment since the time change in October, but unfortunately no one told me, so I didn’t know until this week. I tracked down the problem and had to lead my ISP to the solution, but typekey is once again working now.

Dear Christmas:

We would like to opt out. Please remove us from your subscriber list as we would no longer like to participate. You make my wife grumpy and guilty, and this makes me unhappy because I don’t like things that make my wife unhappy.
We (like most of the world, probably) suffer the lovely double whammy of spending money we don’t really have because we love getting cool things for the people in our lives and yet at the same time we end up feeling inadequate and guilty because there are so many wonderful people in our lives and therefore we do even a handful of them justice, much less, all or even most of them.

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