Twas a nice Xmas in our household with much good loot to be had. Among all my goods were this T-qualizer shirt that actually lights up in reaction to sound, my stealth Converse, and a Utilikilt. I think I should wear them all at once. I did wear my T-qualizer shirt to my band’s new years eve gig. It was quite the spectacle.
We also went to Lake Charles to visit Larry’s family and to pick ujp his new used car. We watched Rocky I-IV, then saw Rocky Balboa which was actually pretty good. A nice bookend to Rocky I. We didn’t get a chance to watch Rocky v yet, which most people think is one of the worst, but a few people I know think it was actually pretty good, and I certainly don’t see how it could be worse than Rocky IV which was just a commercial cliché ’80s stereotype all around.
We also watched a lot of Larry’s Twilight Zone DVDs. I’d forgotten how much I liked the original show. I’m seriously thinking of getting the complete collection from Amazon.
For my birthday, I really wanted some Bluebell Birthday Cake ice cream. We’d had it once before and it was one of the best ice creams ever. Sadly it is a “rotational” flavor so it comes and goes. We hadn’t seen any in quite some time. In Lake Charles, we did find some “King Cake” ice cream based on the Mardi Gras King Cake. We got some of that, and Larry’s mom made me a chocolate cake. The combination of cake and this ice cream was definitely a worthy substitute. I ate way too much of it. Larry’s mom kept us well fed all around. She made us some of the best Spinach Artichoke dip ever, and even the chili dogs she made were awesome. never thought chili dogs could be that special, but hers made me a fan!
We’re planning on still having some kind of get belated together for my birthday and it may involve Lazer Tag, which was a blast when Larry and I went with his visiting friend. All in all, a nice holiday season.