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No dialogue short film


Periodically a producer friend likes to issue challenges as a sort of learning experience. Recent he challenged my friend Chris to make two short films, one with no dialogue, and one with only 30 seconds of picture and the rest just dialogue.
The first one has a rough cut finished. We shot this in one afternoon. Written and Directed by Chris Thompson.
I find it quite amusing. I’m the burglar, by the way.

What was that?


As I was sitting here trying to think of something to say that didn’t have to do with Rock Band or my marriage, a commercial came on that I could have sworn said “Homos, want to refinance?”
I very quickly realized that he had said “Homeowners”.

So tired…


Sleeping isn’t something that I really do well any more. One of the biggest side effects from this that I’ve noticed is that when I’m hanging out with Jess, that’s when I feel comfortable and happy and content (well, in some ways) and thus when sleepiness really sets in. Especially if I’m lounging around her bed talking or lying around on the couch. It doesn’t make me very good company. So I can’t sleep normally but then it all comes crashing down on me when I want to be awake and enjoying her company. How annoying!

So close…


I went to a read through of this film I’m doing the other day and one of the other cast members was a guy I’d worked with once before. In the course of conversation he told me that he had just been hired as Ed Harris’s stand in on the new movie, “Appaloosa” which Ed Harris was directing and starring in along with Viggo Mortenson, Renee Zellweiger, Lance Henrikson and Jeremy Irons.
Last night I got a call from someone who I’ve done a lot of extras work for asking my height and weight. She told me that she needed a stand in for Ed Harris because the first guy’s mother had just just died. I told her I had just been talking to the first stand in the other day and was sorry to hear that.
I was excited about the prospect but also nervous. The original casting call had said they needed someone who was 5’9″, 155 and preferably balding. I am 5’10”, 165 and have a thick head of hair. My contact told me that she just didn’t have many guys of the right frame so I should be close enough. She told me to wear the flattest shoes I had and keep my hair as low as I could get it.
About 30 minutes later she called me and told me that the first guy wanted to go ahead and work but that she didn’t feel right about him going in despite his mother just dying and she couldn’t understand how he would want to go ahead and work under those circumstances. She asked how well I knew him and what I thought about the situation. She said she was just worried that maybe he thought he wanted to go in but then might have a freak out on set or something. As much as I wanted this job (and could use the money) I told her that I understood where he was coming from. If I was in his situation I would not want to just sit and dwell on it. I would rather go and be doing something I loved and something that I was excited about and would make me feel better and perhaps help me deal with it better. She understood and agreed with me that it wasn’t really her place to make that decision for him and she certainly didn’t want to take the job away from him. I also told her that though I really wanted the job, I also didn’t want to take it from someone who had it first and who could probably really use it now. That would be a double whammy to lose his mom and then a cool job too. She said she’d call him back and tell him he was back on. I felt like I’d done the right thing. Luckily I didn’t have too much time to get too excited about it.
My condolences to you, Anthony. I hope you at least had a good time on set to ease your mind.

Acting as a confidence builder?


Most people talk about how brutal acting is because you encounter more rejection than anything else. I’m in the unusual situation of actually having build my confidence in my abilities since, so far,about 95% of my auditions have resulted in me being cast and I also have people just outright calling me and asking me to be in their films without even auditioning sometimes. I realize this will like all get worse as I get further into my career but at the moment, it’s pretty sweet.

Rare public band gig on December 1!


I realize that most of you can’t make it to College Station on December first but for anyone who can or who wants to join the convoy heading from Austin to College Station that day, my band which usually plays all private functions is having a public gig at Hullabaloos. It’s going to be a huge blast of a party where we get to pull out all the stops and play all our best stuff. Come join us!

You know what’s really annoying?


Roommates who have really loud sex. All the time. I really don’t want to disrupt our otherwise great living situation but I’m about to my breaking point. It’s just gone beyond comical into ludicrous, annoying, overbearing and inconsiderate.

Listen all y’all..


I know my blog has been completely Rock Band-centric lately but it’s what’s going on!
You haven’t truly experienced Rock Band until you’ve played with Jess singing “Sabotage” by the Beastie Boys. Awesome.

More Rock Band Banter


This game’s awesomeness can not be overstated. Jess, Staci and I spent most of today going through the tour mode. Then when you’re done playing you can spend forever choosing from the many awesome costume options, tattoo art, designing your band logo and more. Now if only our replacement guitar would hurry its way here so we could stop being handicapped on guitar. Best game ever. However, I don’t see how any human is supposed to play “Won’t Get Fooled Again” on drums on expert. It’s positively insane.

Rock Band Interruptus!


Today our guitar controller started acting up. Up strums work but down strums only mostly work. Every now and then they just decide not to work. Though this made things very difficult, it did not stop us from playing. Hopefully EA will be quick in issuing us a replacement.

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