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Blog clog!

I want to blog about stuff. And yet I don’t. Yet I do. Dilemma. I may need to consult da Grr.
We so need a Nintendo Wii.
We have an Xbox 360 which is way cool too. I just saw a commercial for Call of Duty 4. Must go pick that up!
The last set of my “expert” career on Guitar Hero III is BRUTAL! It’s totally kicking my ass. Tried many times to get through “Rain of Blood” and failed every time. I decided to move on to “Cliffs of Dover” but can’t even make it through the intro. I 4 starred “Number of the Beast” though, so that’s cool. Then I tried “One” and completely bit it once it reached the really fast solo part. Looks like I might have to break down and use the “practice” mode to complete it.
Got cast in r another short film filming this Sunday night. I will play a car thief mentoring an aspiring thief. I’ll be keeping my Victorian facial hair for the part. They liked it.
So, yeah, I want to blog about stuff. And yet I don’t.


Waiting for my time
I am not good at waiting
Sight never clearer

Surprise ending

Last night Iskra texted me to tell me that a bunch of people from the crew of a movie she’s working on were going out to a bar for a friend’s birthday. Since I knew this friend and many of the crew, I considered meeting them. At first I didn’t want to go. It’s hard for me to overcome my inertia and besides, I’m not big on bars, especially since I suspected this little hole in the wall would be one of the places that ignores the smoking band and let’s people smoke anyway. I decided to drop by for just a little while and say hi. I was right about the smoking but luckily it wasn’t too bad in there. One of the people on the crew is a guy named Jon who worked one the short films I’d just finished. We’d hit it off pretty well on the short film and both Larry and I thought he was a cool guy.
As soon as I walked in, he was the first one I saw and we immediately started talking. I don’t think we stopped for the next few hours. He’s also a musician so we talked at length and in depth about all things musical. From there things got deeper and more personal and by then of the night I found myself kind of surprised at the level of conversation I’d just had with someone that I didn’t know all that well. It was one of those cool genuine moments of connection that so rarely come along in life. It was a welcome respite. I think we be kindred spirits.


One of the worst side effects of my current life turmoil is that I feel almost completely unable to function. I seem to have absolutely no capacity for productivity. My attention span is non-existent. I’ve taken to sleeping in the living room on the couch because I need the TV on all night to keep my brain distracted enough to allow me to get even a few hours of sleep a night. This is, needless to say, not good for many reasons including the fact that I have various projects I need to get on with and I just can’t find the will or energy to do so. I seem to exist in a state of stasis in a grey and black void.
This is where I really love acting. Acting comes so easily to me and really makes me happy. I just walk on set, do my thing and then I’m done. I don’t have to worry about any of the preparations, logistics, etc., that come with my own projects. Sure I have to learn my lines and find my character and all that but comparatively, it seems so much easier. It’s the one thing that still works even in my current state of utter uselessness. Now if I could just get huge gobs of money to act in other people’s projects I’d be all set! Well at least more set than I am currently.

Random ramblings

In many ways Autumn/Winter are my favorite time of the year. Always has been. Strangely though, it always seems to be a time of the year when I am much more pensive and emotional. Really in touch with my emotions and passions. For obvious reasons I am absolutely dreading the next several months. Please send all the good vibes, Wiccan spells, prayers and thoughts you can muster.
I am really digging the new show “Journeyman”. It’s easy to write it off as a “Quantum Leap” ripoff but I really think it has its own thing going.
I’m almost done with my “Expert” Guitar Hero III career. Next month, ROCK BAND! That game is going to be awesome.
Owen Wilson, I understand, man. Call me if you want to talk.
Uh, yeah. I think that’s it for now. He’s Chevy Chase and I’m not. I am outta here!

User registration

So thanks to Jess I discovered a little quirk here since I upgraded to MT4. If you previously commented using Typekey then you may have had a problem trying to register here now (Movable Type now has built in registration so you don’t have to use typekey if you don’t want to). I’ve cleared out the database entries so if anyone previously tried to register but received “a user with that name already exists” then you should be able to register now if you so choose. Otherwise typekey still works as do LiveJournal logins, OpenID and Vox logins.
Let me know of any wonkiness you encounter.


What is this Twitter?
I will give in and try it
More fun with more friends


I’ve succumbed to twitter too thanks to Jess who succumbed thanks to some other friends. I actually find it pretty fun though I would find it much more so if there were more people I knew using it.


Damn HD TiVo
I can’t afford to upgrade
A problem someday

HD TV, TiVo and such

I have a first generation TiVo that I’ve since hacked and upgraded in many ways. I’ve added a second hard drive, replaced the first hard drive, added a cache card and an ethernet jack so it can communicate with my wireless network instead of using the phone. When I first bought it I bought the “lifetime subscription” which has long since paid for itself but is locked to this particular unit. They no longer offer lifetime subscriptions and you can’t transfer it.
They were having a special where you could buy a new HD TiVo for $300 and transfer your lifetime membership to the new unit for $200 (basically buying a new lifetime membership even though they technically aren’t offered any more). I was so tempted, however we don’t have the money to do it and we don’t have an HD TV. It would have been more for prevention of future problems. Eventually I will get an HD TV and HD service at which point our TiVo will no longer be of any use because it will not handle HD quality.
Uhh, bummer. That’s really all there is to this story.