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Let Your Indulgence Set Me Free

Tonight we performed the last show of our run of “The Tempest”. As with every play/film/project I do, the ending is bittersweet. Part of me is happy to be done and to move on to new exciting things and part of me is sad that it’s over. This profession is so strange in that you tend to form relationships very quickly and sometimes intensely. You become a family during the course of the project and then you all go your separate ways when it’s all over. If you’re lucky, you stay in contact with at least a few of them and even more rarely you end up with some actual friends.

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The show is over
Time to shed the facial hair
I can grow it back

To shave or not to shave, that is the question!

To keep it or shave it
I find it hard to decide
You decide for me

Introducing My Muse

In which I demonstrate my new Rainsong Carbon/Graphite guitar while trying not let my perfectionist nature obsess over the mistakes, rocking camera (both literally and figuratively) and other details of this intentionally “raw” captured performance.

Carbon Tone

Carbon/Graphite Tone
Don’t be stuck on traditions
Follow your own muse