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New song completed!

My latest recording can be found here.
Aside from that, I know it’s been all quiet on the blogging front but I don’t have much I want to say here at the moment. More video blogs coming. I have also been Twittering quite frequently though!


Some good from the pain
Healing creativity
Hope for the future

Grayson Dornan-Fish

You’re finally here
A message from the future
Hey, thumbs up, buddy

Looking Back From the Future on the Birth of Grayson Dornan-Fish

Nothing to see here…

Coming soon: hopefully a better camera! Test complete. We now return you to your normally scheduled programs.

No-wait Cocoa!

When I make hot chocolate, I used to warm up milk then add the cocoa mix. However the water kettle is much faster. The problem there is that then your cocoa is so hot, you can’t drink for 15 minutes. Tonight I found the magical solution.
Boil Kettle. Pour water over cocoa until it a little over half way full. Then fill the rest of the way with cold milk! Now it has the creamy goodness of the milk, the speed of the kettle, and is at a drinkable temperature as soon as your done! Awesome!


I don’t want to wait
I want to drink it right now
Now I can do that

And now the Director’s cut!

Here is the original uncut “version of “Out of Many, One
Much to my surprise, I actually think I like the shorter cut better. While there are some cool things in the longer cut that I missed in the shorter version, I think the shorter version just flows better.

Out of Many, One

Do you envy him?
Do you scoff at his sorrow?
What’s behind the tears?

Out of Many, One

Over the weekend I was in a film for the International 48 Film competition. This was basically the next round for the guy who won the last round of the (not international) 48 Hour film competition. The deal is basically this; Friday night you get assigned a genre, and are give some details you have to incorporate. For example, Friday night, Rimas, the director, found out that he had to make a comedy that involved finding a briefcase full of money in a public place. There had to be a character named “Earl Frickle, Chair, Board of Directors”, and he had to have the line “Will you meet me later?”
Friday night, Rimas and his cohorts came up with the concept for the film. I met them Saturday morning in a park on a gray and freezing day to act in it. The cut they submitted for the festival is now online, but Rimas is going to put up a “Director’s Cut” later with a bunch of stuff he had to cut out due to time. I’m quite happy with it! Can’t wait to see the longer cut though. We filmed a lot of stuff that’s not in there!