Call Me Doctor Who

One day Jess and I was listening to a song when she commented about how it sounded a lot like another song we liked. Immediately my creative urge demanded that I do something with this knowledge so I fired up my music studio and started tweaking, feverishly trying to create this Frankensteinian monster. I put the first few parts together and played it for Jess and Larry. All three of us were smiling ear to ear. It was alive!
I now present to you, Call Me Doctor Who.


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  1. Jess says:

    Hey! I played you those songs on purpose to point out their similarity. In fact, I’ve long thought there was a resemblance. The hard work was all yours, but the insight I’m afraid was mine.

  2. Heath Allyn says:

    Are you sure? I swear you were playing Doctor Who and I thought “Hey that sounds like the same rhythm from ‘Call Me’!” I could swear I remember toiling away in secret for a few minutes so I could surprise you with the hybrid and such. I could be wrong, but I really thought that’s the way it happened. I’m not saying you didn’t think that too, but I don’t remember you telling me that. I could swear I made that connection on my own.

  3. Gizmoo says:

    I’m pretty sure. I remember saying, “Hey! Hey! Listen to this!” and playing you the two songs one after the other. Perhaps Larry remembers.

  4. Heath Allyn says:

    Larry says he wasn’t there for the inception but that his recollection is of us telling him that you played Dr. Who, and then I played “Call Me”.

  5. Heath Allyn says:

    I still am not sure how it all went down, but I have changed the entry to reflect your version of things since you seem far more vehement and confident that it happened your way than I am in my memory.

  6. Jess says:

    Aww, I bullied you into changing it :(. Anyway, that totally is how it happened and I rule and everyone should love me the end.

  7. Heath Allyn says:

    No bullying. You just seem much surer than me. Also you signed as Gizmoo again, but I fixed it. Also, also, Typekey is working again so you can sign in and not be moderated.

  8. Simon says:

    Heath Allyn, King of the Mash-Ups! I love it!

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