Can Lord of the Rings make your head explode?

I hope not, because Jess and I now have tickets to the LOTR trilogy Tuesday on December 16. Starting a 2:00 p.m. they will show the first 2 extended edition movies, and then an advance premiere of “Return of the King”. Factor in showing up way early for good seats, and we’re looking at 13-15 hours of LOTR overload. Intense. It will be an experience. Perhaps we need a training regimen to prepare us. We have seen 3 movies in a single day before, and twice we’ve watched 8 consecutive hours of 24 DVDs, so I think we should be in fighting shape.
Forth Eorlingas!


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  1. Jess says:

    Not to mention my good old days of watching whole Buffy box-sets (11 episodes) in one sitting.

  2. Crazy! I remember back in the day my high school friend and I watched 3 Steven King Movies all night hah. IT, The Stand, and another one. LOTR Marathon’s gotta be long!

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