I feel somehow special

I got a random email from my band’s website telling me that I might be interested to know about an Ebay auction. This auction happens to be for a cassette of a band I was in in the ’80s. For some reason that felt pretty cool.
On another random tangent, in the past two days I had a total of 4 projects premiere that I was involved in. One was a 20 minute Sci-Fi piece that turned out really cool, one was a three camera studio shoot of a scene from “North By Northwest”, one was a small role in a short about an evil garden gnome, and one was a fake trailer for “B21”, a parody of the movie “21” with Kevin Spacey as the teacher who get MIT students together to go to Vegas and count cards and make lots of money. In our, I played the Kevin Spacey teaching Austin Community College students to “count balls” at bingo parlors. It turned out pretty damn funny. Even the opening cracked me up: “From the film makers who watched the trailer for the movie ’21’…”

Cary Grant, George Clooney and Milkshakes

Been incredibly busy on the acting front. Not that I’ve ever been that good about blog updating but I like to pretend I have an excuse. In the past two days I played Michael Clayton (George Clooney played him in the film) for a student directing class and also did a scene from North By Northwest where I played Cary Grant’s role. This was for a college production class where we performed in studio with a three camera setup. We rehearsed it many times so the camera people could get their shots and the control room could get their switching between shots choreography down. It was quite a lot of fun.
I’d seen “North By Northwest” but it was some time ago. The scene we did was the scene in the train car where Cary Grant first meets Eva Marie Saint. It really struck me how incredibly saucy this scene was for its time. A sexually aggressive woman industrial designer. Kudos to Ernest Lehman!
As a side tangent, Larry and I have both been trying to be healthier in our eating habits. In an effort to remain healthy yet indulge our sweet tooth, Larry concocted a brilliant treat. We had already been quite the fans of sugar-free chocolate Jell-o pudding. Now it is important to note that that pre-made stuff isn’t nearly as good as the powder that you add milk to and make yourself. Trust us. So Larry had the idea of mixing the pudding mix with some milk and ice and making a milkshake. from there we also added some peanut butter and for nutritional value added a scoop of “Muscle Milk” supplement. This has now become one of our absolute favorite treats. Totally sugar-free, only as much fat as the milk you use and can be a great dessert or a meal replacement if you add the Muscle Milk. Chocolate-peanut butter icy shakes. You’ll thank us.

Time to get Sal Monella!

Learn about food hygiene with our favorite spokesperson, Sal Monella! And vote “funny” while you’re at it!

More news on Zombabies

With a super-tight selection of only six short films being allowed to screen, each one representing a different catagory, and dozens of films submitted, Zombabies was selected as the only narrative piece to screen and was given the Best Narrative at the upcoming Fearless Film Festival in Fort Worth, as a part of the 18th Annual Main Street Arts Festival.

I may be going to the fest to be part of the Zombabies posse and participate in some Q & A sessions (if the director wants). Working out the details with the Director. I, admittedly, get a huge geeky thrill out of the prospect of appearing at a fest as an actor affiliated with a movie and doing Q & A’s and such.

“Zombabies” has a little buzz going on!

I was in a short film called “Zombabies” a while back and it’s getting some fun buzz going on. For example, a great review at Dread Central. Apparently it’s also been well received at several horror festivals. One group of my friends was at one of these festivals and was quite surprised when suddenly there I was on the big screen. There has been some talk of me possibly appearing in some of the future episodes.
Pretty cool stuff!

“The Princess Bride” is in the finals!

Thanks to all of you who have been supporting our “Sweded”, “Be Kind, Rewind” style remake of “The Princess Bride.”
We are officially in the final fifteen and will find out the winner Thursday night! You all rule!

In my continiung streak of luck…

Remember that bad-ass commercial I got paid loads of money for? Well it appears I may be getting residuals for it too. I received another check in the mail for it today (much tinier but still not insignificant). @008 is going to be my year!
Our “Sweded” version of The Princess Bride is receiving rave reviews (hopefully we’ll win the grand prize of a totally bad-ass Dell computer or the second prize of a Dell laptop), we’ve got another short film in another contest (hopefully to win a 58″ plasma HD TV), and I just booked a 4 day Production Assistant job. Let’s keep this train a-rollin’!

Rallying Cry

So I already posted about our film, “The Princess Bride” in my last post. Now I calling everyone to arms! I try not to call in favors like this too often so hopefully it carries some weight.
When you click on the link above, you will see a place whee you can rate the film 1-10 stars, but you can’t rate the film without having an account on To anyone who can be bothered, we beg you to take the few seconds to make an account, verify your account, log in, rate our movie (hopefully 10 stars but I won’t ask anyone to go against their own judgment) and leave us a nice comment. I totally understand if you can’t be bothered but it can’t hurt to put out the rallying cry!

“Be Kind Rewind” Film Making Frenzy

In the spirit of the new movie, “Be Kind, Rewind” starring Jack Black and Mos Def, The Alamo Drafthouse and are holding a contest to make a 5 minute “Sweded” version of a Hollywood movie.
We chose to make “The Princess Bride”. Larry and I also starred in our friend, James Pound’s remake of “Back to the Future II”
Sadly there was one other remake of the Princess Bride which had some of the exact same ideas we had, but luckily I think our two versions are vastly different. Go check them out and vote for us!

Funny or Die

I have started uploading our content to so if you feel the hankerin’, head over there and give us some “funny” votes!
On a complete side note, there’s a very short teaser trailer for a short film I did here. You might only be able to view it if you have a myspace acount. Sorry, but I think that’s the only place it’s posted.