Dream 11

Auditions and death
Winding roads through darkened woods
Brian and his dad


Don’t spam your replies
Those who want to see will look
Don’t break the system


A motivator
Must get my 10,000 steps
Encourage movement

Dream 10

Friends and relatives
Dreaming of my chosen craft
Working while asleep

Dream 9

Houses and horses
Swimming pools and borrowed keys
Comedy duos


Do not fear the dark
We all have it within us
Shine bright your own light

Dream 8

Mystery woman
Love and death within the dream
Wake to loneliness

Dream 7

Kevin and Alex
Climbing high and a pod
Desert studio

Sartorial Jones

Indiana Jones
Leather jacket in hot climes?
That thing must stink, man

Dream 6

Friends commiserate
Strangers outside of the dream
Cultivating joy