Dream 44

Long awaited call
Signal problems or just thought?
Meaningful silence


Too many great coats
Especially for Texas
Don’t mess with my coats

Dream 42

A simple moment
Yet so deep and heartbreaking
My brain’s an asshole

Dream 41

Dream within a dream
One bad, one seemingly good
Except it’s not real

Dreams 38-40

An obstructed house
Dreams of a past love


A fate worse than death
At least in death, there’s no choice
Just perspective though

Dream 37

Try to be noble
And you just end up alone
Ferrell gets the girl


Do not dare to hope
What? I think they said my name
The rest is a blur


Receiving the waves
A connection to the world
A certain magic


Old is new again
Here, you get what you pay for
Mach 3 Power rules