The adventure ends
New adventures now await
I emerge improved


Incessant Spraying
Keeping me from my slumber
This must be madness


A dog’s step-parent
I loved her with all my heart
Kaylee’s a good girl

Dream 50

A western sheriff
A couple of con-artists
An audition due

Dream 48 and 49

Fluffy dog cuddles
Harried voiceover deadlines
Polar opposites

The Item

I had an item
The time came to let it go
The ocean took it

Dream 47

Many dreams this night
Aliens, friends, and an ex
Very active brain

Dream 46

A cool autumn night
An all too short encounter
With too much to say

Dream 45

A moment of love
Then back to reality
Awakened from sleep


Home is not a place
An ethereal concept
Home is simply her