Good Stuff

Lots of acting work
Playing some Hollywood greats
Milkshakes are great too

Sal Monella

Got good food hygiene?
What the fuck are you doin’?
It’s Sal Monella!


Zombabies stardom
Come to the fearless film fest
Ask me a question


Much Zombabies buzz
Great reception and reviews
More sequels to come

Digital Art

Coolest wallpapers
Vibrant colors and cool style
Support the cool art


A nice change of luck
Hopefully this trend goes on
May we all prosper


Look up the meaning
It’s not what you think it means
Not figurative


Sweet embrace of sleep
I long to feel it again
It resides with her


So close but no go
Almost got to be on set
Easy come and go

Sine Wave

Acting can be cruel
But also so rewarding
Must have confidence