Dr. Horrible

Gather, Whedon-heads!
A new, online creation
Dr. Horrible!

Chipmunk Punk

I loved Chipmunk Punk
In hindsight, a strange album
How did this get made?


Favorite robots
Made a lasting impression
Some help and some kill


Pulling my hair out
Sometimes technology sucks
Needle meet haystack

Rest in Foam

The memory foam
Will it give us peaceful rest?
Hope for no more aches


The Brazil Nut Dance
Finally as it should be
An instant classic

For Sale

Shadows of the past
For sale on the internet
Makes you feel special

Good Stuff

Lots of acting work
Playing some Hollywood greats
Milkshakes are great too

Sal Monella

Got good food hygiene?
What the fuck are you doin’?
It’s Sal Monella!


Zombabies stardom
Come to the fearless film fest
Ask me a question