I have been posessed
Mitch Hedberg inhabits me
Crazy talk, alright

Inner Monkey

Look inside yourself
Embrace your inner monkey
Everyone has one


Monday was not good
Overall, life is still good
Bugger off Monday


I promised myself
No more procrastinating
I should get to that

Self Esteem

I am a great guy
Versatile and talented
Only I see it

This Haiku takes place between 12 p.m and 1 p.m.

Bad ass Jack Bauer
Travels L.A. in minutes
Deliver pizzas


To Amy Poehler
Your love for me can not be
We are both married


Reading a new book
Renewing old interests
Need more fab gear!

Musical Virus

Damn Monty Python
Look on the bright side of life
It won’t leave my brain

Sin City

So innovative
A comic book come to life
Props to Rodriguez