Late haiku today
Wonky web hosting servers
Boo to bad servers!

Ancient Art

Compose a haiku
Wear white kabuki make-up
Perform Haikuki!


Toyota prius
So cool and gas efficient
Can I afford you?


Ripping my CDs
A new Ipod will be mine

Escaping The Man

Can freedom be close?
The Grr had an interview!
Hope to break my chains!

Faux Pas

A strange hat you wear
Is your hat making noises?
Aaaah! Rabid weasel!


We know Netflix rules
Blockbuster online tempts us
Each has it’s own perks

Dinner Party

Hot Jamie lovin’
Athena whipped out her dick
And me leg fell off
This haiku was composed at a dinner party last night using random bits of conversation from throughout the evening

Tempo of Life

Weekends go too fast
Workdays flow like molasses
Switch the day ratios

Cookie Philosophy

“C” is for cookie
Is that good enough for you?
Cookie starts with “C”