Dirty or Naked?

Doing laundry sucks
Washing, drying, and hanging
Need self-cleaning clothes

May My Cash Be With You

Star Wars DVDs!
On September twenty-first!
Lucas has my cash!


Midnight Texas time
Haiku will appear each day
Automatic post


Invisible change
Code adheres to web standards
May IE follow


TV addiction
No matter who’s the subject
Bands Reunited

“Weird” Presents

Today in the mail
“In 3-D” from my wishlist
Ms. Twist is the queen

Pace of Inspiration

Perhaps not daily
Haiku are taking over
Haiku when inspired


Why is Will so bad?
So many want to kill him
“Fire at Will!”, they say

The Ballad of the Quaking Lute

Poor medieval bard
Immense stage-fright before shows
Pre-minstrel syndrome

Ultimate Action Figure Death Match

Stikfas or Xevos?
Each their own identity
I must have them all!