Ultimate Action Figure Death Match

Stikfas or Xevos?
Each their own identity
I must have them all!

Employment or slavery?

Working for the man
Why is the man such a jerk?
Lack of a woman?

Sunny barbecue

Labor Day weekend
Water volleyball is fun
Rubbed my toe raw though

Disco… Tire Company

Three letters burnt out
Makes a lot of difference
I prefer this name

MT upgrade

New movable type
Check my home page for details
Read geeky jargon


Three separate lines
You can’t just split a sentence
Don’t cheat on haiku

The Incredible Haiku&#x2122

Hulk write poetry
Hulk must use brain to count things!
Hulk must smash haiku!

Absent Al

Empty CD case
Can’t find “Running With Scissors”
Where is my Weird Al?


Paid a ringtone site
The cantina song lives on
Tones from Mos Eisley


Cool new mobile phone
Need wallpapers and ringtones
Consuming all time