TV addiction
No matter who’s the subject
Bands Reunited

“Weird” Presents

Today in the mail
“In 3-D” from my wishlist
Ms. Twist is the queen

Pace of Inspiration

Perhaps not daily
Haiku are taking over
Haiku when inspired


Why is Will so bad?
So many want to kill him
“Fire at Will!”, they say

The Ballad of the Quaking Lute

Poor medieval bard
Immense stage-fright before shows
Pre-minstrel syndrome

Ultimate Action Figure Death Match

Stikfas or Xevos?
Each their own identity
I must have them all!

Employment or slavery?

Working for the man
Why is the man such a jerk?
Lack of a woman?

Sunny barbecue

Labor Day weekend
Water volleyball is fun
Rubbed my toe raw though

Disco… Tire Company

Three letters burnt out
Makes a lot of difference
I prefer this name

MT upgrade

New movable type
Check my home page for details
Read geeky jargon