Cliche Dream

It’s a dream cliche
The old teeth falling out dream
My Invisalign!

Dreams 29-31

Rented animals
Aliens destroy Dallas
Games for mindfulness

RIP Bowie

We will miss you here
The afterlife band goes on
Is there life on Mars?


There should be no time limit
It is eternal


A year of balance
Plenty of hurdles to jump
Always light to find


Such a dirty word
And an insidious foe
We’re all together

Dream 26

Playing with Billy
Luckily, I can wing it
Covering Elle King


Edgar Allan Poe
So fond of the word “bosom”
Synonyms are fun

Dream 25

Adventure fast food
Brian’s errant orange throw
Relationship talks

Dream 24

Nostalgic dreaming
The times we were together
Visiting spirit