Middle Earth: Austin

Middle Earth Austin
Mapping places to races
Orcs on Slaughter Lane


How to define friend
It can mean different things
Do you have any?

April Fools

You are not funny
You are simply a liar
No brains or wit there


Expand your limits
Push past your own comfort zone
Put in the hard work

The Hobbit

Poor little hobbit
Lost your way in the movies
At least there’s the book

Dream 23

Visiting some friends
Muammar Gaddadi as well
He’s a cool guy now

Tom Cruisin’

Master of one craft
Time to try out something new
Tom Cruise, the rapper

iPhone 6

I love my new phone
It’s just the right size as well
Yay, technology!


Internet spewing
Everyone is wrong but me
Opinions aren’t facts

Nanu Nanu

Good bye my old friend
I know that we never met
But friends none the less