Dream 23

Visiting some friends
Muammar Gaddadi as well
He’s a cool guy now

Tom Cruisin’

Master of one craft
Time to try out something new
Tom Cruise, the rapper

iPhone 6

I love my new phone
It’s just the right size as well
Yay, technology!


Internet spewing
Everyone is wrong but me
Opinions aren’t facts

Nanu Nanu

Good bye my old friend
I know that we never met
But friends none the less


All our energy
Can’t create or destroy it
Scientific law

The Longest Day

Many days in one
A test of my endurance
Doing what I love


Yes, I know it’s free
Criticism’s still valid
Stop Justifying


It’s all around you
So much, it becomes mundane
Keep your eyes open


Value what you do
Even if it’s entertain
Amorphous value