Small Actors

Too big for a part?
Or just practicality
Hope they understand

Dream 19

Adventures with friends
Transported to Middle Earth
Aragorn is weird


Do good without want
No selfish expectations
Strengthen that muscle

Dream 17 and 18

A former girlfriend
Gorilla suits and cruise ships
And a burlesque star


Sacrificing now
In hopes of future results
It’s a tough journey

Qubit Lab

Silly and science
Pack your brain with some knowledge
And maybe some laughs

The Ultimate Drug

You can’t live without
Temptation all around you
Don’t give up the fight


By special request
Another acoustic song
For Sean Dornan-Fish

Moving Day

Moving Day is done
Such a wonderful journey
Time to start again

Dream 16

French Espionage
Kissing scene in a movie
Famous bass player