The other night I had a sex dream about a WDer. Now first off, I don’t really remember any details at all so there will be no saucy details. I just realized later in the day that when I awoke, I realized that I had the vague and fuzzy memory. I remembered who it was and possibly some of the activities, but it was all really vague to the point that I almost didn’t even realize I had dreamt it.
I think I kind of put it out of my mind at first because I felt weird about it. Later when I had come to terms with it, I told Jess (neither one of us has any hangups, weirdness, or jealousy about things like that) and she was just jokingly disappointed that she hadn’t been involved.
I just thought I would put this tantalizing bit of info out there because now I find it amusing, and I’ve been crap at blogging.