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Ahh but in your praise of Veronica Mars you failed to mention our biggest complaint about it: for about the first five episodes we couldn’t tell one generic fratboy character from the other. Is that Duncan? Wait, no Logan! Oh, hold on it’s Troy…or is it one of their generic fratboy lackies?
My takes:
Prison Break:
I really dig this show. Fun, intriguing, intricate. No masterpiece but as she said a fun ride. As far as suspension of disbelief, if we can watch 24 and love it then this shows no problem either. I don’t feel it’s any more implausible than 24, Lost, or any typical movie/TV show. A keeper.
I definitely liked it more than Jess did, but I found it all around “average” which just isn’t enough to keep me watching. We have far too many other shows we like and too little time to spend on something that doesn’t hit me as more than just sort of “good” or “average”.
Definitely liked the premiere enough to keep tuning in for now. Could definitely end up as a keeper.
Nothing incredibly special, but good enough to get me to come back for at least another episode or 2 and see where it goes.
I really liked the concept of this show (one year per episode, even though it’s kind of a gimmicky opposite-of-24 kind of concept) but the first ep just sucked. Some of the absolute worst writing I’ve seen in a long time. Bland actors (aside from Chyler Leigh who I thought was the most and probably only engaging thing on the show), bland characters, and just all around bland amateur feeling show. I’m giving it one more episode just because I really want it to be good because I like the concept! That second episode better damn well blow me away though…
Nope. Second episode did nothing to improve my opinion. It’s off the viewing schedule. Perhaps I’ll just read recaps online to find out how it all plays out. I think it would be much more interesting that way
My Name Is Earl:
I think it’s a keeper! I had some fairly high expectation after all the good things I had heard about this, and I’m happy to say it was better than I expected.
Definitely intriguing. It has made the list.
Shows I still plan to check out which haven’t premiered yet (I’ll update this entry as we watch them):
The Night Stalker
Shows which we will be continuing to watch:
24, Lost, House, Veronica Mars, Battlestar Galactica, and Jess continues to watch Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.