Free iPods!

The Blockbuster offer doesn’t seem to be available any more. Boo. That makes things a bit harder. Maybe it will come back. The Ancestry offer is a free 7 day trial which can be cancelled during the first 7 days, so this is a good candidate too. I have confirmed several people who used this offer and cancelled without problems.

As you can see fomr today’s haiku, I’m trying to get a free iPod from freeipods.com
I learned about it on my tech shows I watch. At first glance it’s bound to sound dodgy, however it has been tested and demonstrated to be legit.
The deal is, you sign up, then sign up for one of their offers (such as a 2 week trial to Blockbuster’s new Netflix ripoff where you get movies in the mail, or one of those CD or DVD clubs where you buy X now for $.50 a piece and then agree to buy Y more within the next Z years ), then you refer 5 friends using a special URL which gives you credit for the referral. Once those 5 friends each sign up for one of the offers, you get a free iPod mailed to you.
The CD/DVD clubs, actually interested me since they’re pretty good deals, and I like CD’s and DVD’s, however the choices area bit limited (especially the DVD club). I ended up going with the Blockbuster trial, since you only have to do the 2 week trial and can then cancel if you like. There’s also a good offer if you like coffee. Just make sure to read all terms and conditions of any offer you sign up for so you really know any hidden obligations you might be getting into.
So if you feel inclined to sign up and try to con your friends into doing the same, please follow my link above to do so! I will have my free iPod!


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  1. Annika says:

    I’ve signed up at the site, but not yet selected one of the offers (haven’t had time to read the fine print). I will get you that iPod!

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