Furnishing Valhalla

We have found our store for home furnishings. It all started when we decided we needed a new bed. An actual bed. We currently sleep on a futon with 2 futon mattresses. This isn’t bad, but they develop huge craters where our bodies lay and we have to flip and swap mattresses to keep things remotely sleepable. I used to balk at bed prices as they are quite exorbitant in my opinion, but lately I’ve tried to think more along the lines that anywhere you have to spend one third of your life deserves some attention and expenditure.
I sent an email out at work asking for suggestions as to where to buy a bed, and one response suggested Eurway, if you don’t mind a slightly funkier style. Hey! That sounds like us! We like a slightly funkier style! Maybe even a lot funkier! Probably, on average, 47% funkier! The web site looked promising, so we went to the store here in Austin last night. We were in heaven. Being in the store was so much cooler than even the website. We could easily spend way too much money there furnishing an entire house.
We settled on the best mattress they have, The Gabrielle, and the Newton frame (because it was both cool, and the cheapest frame, while also being very sturdy metal). Next Thursday we can pick it up and be sleeping in luxury.
On a side note continuing our story from yesterday: I rented a car in the morning, and by noon the mechanic had out truck fixed. It wasn’t the fuel pump again, thankfully. It was the fuel pump relay which only cost us $110 to get fixed up. If anyone needs a really good mechanic in Austin who has very reasonable rates, will go to your vehicle (for much cheaper than a lot of other mobile mechanics) and who seems very friendly and cool (I never even met him; he told me he’d leave the invoice under our door mat and I could just mail payment to him), I highly recommend Auto Medics.


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  1. Jess says:

    Hey! I consider myself at least 54% funkier!

  2. Simon says:

    Woo-hoo for new bed! They say a change is as good as a rest – does that mean a change to the place where you rest is twice as good?

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