I’m addicted to Googlewhacking. No, you perverts. That’s where you type in a 2 word phrase and try to get one, and only one Google hit. Of course, I find it amusing that as people find Googlewhacks, they post about them, then they spread and are no longer Googlewhacks, thus ever decreasing the pool.
I am going to create my own Googlewhack. necrotize crampons. There. When this page gets indexed I will have a Googlewhack…at least temporarily. I’m sure it won’t really be a Googlewhack, since it was posted only for the purpose of being one, but it will be fun none the less. Off to try more Googlewhacking!


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  1. Jess says:

    If it didn’t have that dictionary rule, I’m sure my site would be full of googlewhacks.

  2. Heath Allyn says:

    Yay! I found one with “E xsanguinate L ambada”
    (Space induced to preserve the purity of the Googlewhack).

  3. Heath Allyn says:

    Woohoo! D efenestration H ydrogenated!

  4. Heath Allyn says:

    V alhalla’s L ederhosen!
    (Although the Whack tool at the Googlewhack site wouldn’t validate it since it has an apostrophe.)

  5. Heath Allyn says:

    D efecating B andleaders. Ewww. Bad Bandleader!

  6. Heath Allyn says:

    D emonic S queegeeing! Excellent!

  7. CosmicAvatar says:

    I got one with T riskaidekaphobic O strich and am currently top of the Whack Stack! I am disproportionately pleased.

  8. CosmicAvatar says:

    *belatedly realizes that separating the first letter is probably moot now*

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