I like you Arnie!

This is a rare occasion. Heath gets political. Very rare, and something I usually don’t really care to do and in fact probably avoid, but I vast tidal wave of anti-Arnoldness is drowning me.
I’m quite puzzled by all the Ah-nuld hating going around. I just don’t get it. Everywhere I look it’s someone dissing Arnold and expressing indignation or disgust at his election as governor. I just don’t get this. He seems quite intelligent, personable, and politically knowledgeable. More so he seems like something that I, personally, have found very rare; an open minded republican. Most republican’s I’ve met in my life have been very closed minded, biased individuals who wallow in self-righteousness and take great joy in dismissing liberals as some lower form of extremely stupid life. They seem to just blanketly agree with the republican side of all issues, which I find hard to believe. While I may be fairly liberal, I don’t just automatically agree with all democrat opinions, and disagree with all republican opinions. Well, this is a whole other rant I don’t really care to get into, but the point is that Arnold actually seems to have some liberal friendly views instead of just voting like an automaton who must be 100% absolutely on one party’s side or the other.
I do understand the surface entertainment value of the fact that The Terminator is now governor of California, but past that, I don’t really think he’s getting a fair shake. It reminds me of when an actor tries to put out a music album or a musician tries their hand at acting. Many times people automatically put this stigma on them and just assume that they’re going to be incompetent and laughable in their new role. I think this is exacerbated by the fact that Arnold is already stigmatized by many in his role as an actor. People jump on the “Arnold is just a stupid action buffoon who can’t act” band wagon, which is a whole other argument that I disagree with. You may not like “action” movies or whatever, but to boil that down to “he’s stupid and can’t act” is just unfair. Has he put out some crap? Sure, most actors have. However he’s also put out many movies that define the genre itself (which also suffers from unfair stigmatizing by intellectual movie snobs everywhere). As I said, it’s fine if you simply don’t like those kinds of movies, but just because you personally may not like them doesn’t mean that they’re crap, stupid, or just for dumb testosterone filled flesh bags either.
I don’t think there’s anything ridiculous or worthy of eye rolling about his being governor. Is it amusing? Yes. Are there many jokes to be made? Absolutely. Is it some kind of ridiculous travesty? I don’t think so at all. I just find it kinda sad, that he’s got some very promising characteristics, but most people have already put him on trial, found him guilty, and thrown a rope over the highest tree limb not based on anything other than “but he’s AH-nuld! The Terminator! Come on!”


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  1. Jess says:

    What’s your take on his criminal behaviour? (ie. Sexual harassment/assualt)
    Of course, there’s no certainty of the truth of those allegations, but if they are true, that puts me off a whole hell of a lot more than the “action hero” aspect (which amuses me, but doesn’t make me automatically think he’s unfit).

  2. Annika says:

    My take on it is basically that, while I didn’t vote for him and am annoyed at his lack of forthcomingness about his policies, he deserves a chance. I don’t know how his performance (no acting jokes intended) as governor will be, but he does seem to be quite passionate about it, which cannot be a bad thing. My main concern is due to some of the television ads he did during the run, and I don’t know whether to blame him or his PR people.

  3. What’s your take on his criminal behavior? (ie. Sexual harassment/assault)

    I think we’ve all done some things in our past we’re not proud of. He came out and admitted he’s done some boorish things in his past. He admitted he’s done some things that he thought was playful but he now realizes offended people. Come on it was back in the 70’s. I think it was all a mud-slinging tactic anyway. If it was all true it would have surfaced in the beginning so there would have been time to investigate. Not 5 days before the vote.
    Way to go Arnold, a man that has met the American dream head on. He came from nothing and through discipline he pulled through to obtain his every dream.
    Good post Heath! I’m your new blog lurker lol.
    People say the same things when a Model tries to act. I mean really what is that all about.
    /lurk on

  4. Heath says:

    Lurk away! Well don’t lurk, continue leaving comments. It’s much better than lurking. Comments are good!

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