I have many irons in many fires. Hopefully some will pan out.
First off, I went to the voice audition for the “Fist of the North Star” anime film. I read one part of a secondary character where I got to use a fairly normal voice, which was nice. Then I read a big muscular villain with a set of metal claws, for which I used my big, burly, deep, tear my throat up voice. That was fun. I got be the typical cocky villain with lines like “So I see you practice martial arts!” and “No one can defeat me!” and such. I then get into a fight with the main character and had to make fighty grunting noises, and eventually the other guy puts his finger on my forehead to which I retort “You think you can kill me with one finger? Absurd! Hahahahaha *gurgle*” at which point I begin to bubble, twist, and my head explodes, so I got to spend about 20 seconds just screaming and gurgling horribly. It was cool.
Still waiting to hear on the video game tech support job with NCSoft where my friend Andy works. I’m really hoping for that one.
Also had a call about a possible 12 month contract job doing PC and networking support which sounded better than my current call center job.
I also submitted both my crew and acting resumes for the new Mike Judge film, “3001” to start shooting here in April. Damn that would be cool. Of course I would have to quit my job, but for that opportunity, I think I would have to.
Thinks are back on track for the CD, so hopefully we’ll finish that up soon.
Many opportunities, however my job prevents many of them, which is obviously going to continue to be a problem. We’ll see how that all ends up. Sooner or later I must choose my muse over the man, but hopefully I can fend her off until Jess has a better job, or until some really good opportunity comes along that I can’t resist. Life is complicated and stuff.