The new design as you see it is a fixed size.
Advantages: the layout is exactly the same no matter what size screen or resolution you use.
Disadvantages: Is your resolution is too low you will get scroll bars (although I really don’t think anyone runs below 1024×768 these days) and if you have a really high resolution on a big screen then it will only take up the middle of your screen.

I could instead make it “floating” meaning it would fill up the entire width of your screen.
Advantages: Adjusts to fill any screen at any resolution.
Disadvantages: On larger screeens/resolutions it’s more fatiguing to read all the way from left to right and then jump back and find the beginning of the next line on the left. It can also make a weebsite look “sparse” by making everything look like it’s only a few lines long. Of course, you could always adjust your browser window to whatever size is comfy for you but I just doubt that many people do this. Maybe I’m wrong.

Issue #2: Haiku
On my old website, the Haiku were on their own separate blog. Meaning you could peruse old posts here without seeing the Haiku and they wouldn’t show up in your feed (unless you specifically subscribed to their feed) or on facebook.

Now for technical reasons, I’ve made them part of the same blog but a separate category meaning that they will show up in your news feed (if you use a newsreader such as Google Reader) and will import to Facebook.

Do any of you have a preference?