If you look at the comments for this entry, you will notice a comment by “Just Me”. I have no idea if this comment is just spam that got really lucky by hitting a blog where this is totally a feasible comment, or if it’s someone who actually left a real comment that’s just ambiguous enough to possibly be spam.
We all know I’m an actor, and more specifically have experience in voice acting in particular. I traced the IP and it seems to trace back to Disneyland which leads me t believe it’s spam, because while I know some people in L.A., I don’t know of anyone who works at Disneyland. I’m very puzzled. The link leads to a job at Disneyland which sounds really cool, and yet it says “apply in person” which just isn’t possible, I’m afraid. The comment says “I know you have a gret (sic) job…” which is also true, and yet is just generic enough to easily be used in mass spammings.
I could try and email the person, but…well, I’m hesitant for no particular reason. The anonymity of the person also makes me suspect, as if it were someone who even vaguely knows me, why would they simply sign “just me” and yet leave an email address?
If it is spam, it is the most interesting and intriguing piece I’ve ever received.