I was trying the ever futile task of growing my hair out long, which I’ve never been able to successfully do as it starts bothering me and I always end up cutting it off. I was trying to weather the storm, but then it was suggested that I might get a bald wig to be Lex Luthor in a segment for Austin Movie Show. That was all the inspiration I needed. I figured I would buzz my head with clippers, then next month when it is time for the shoot, I’ll go full on cueball for a night. I figured I’d think about it a little more though.
Today was the day when I’d finally had enough of my hair. I got out the clippers, and had Larry start buzzing me. Then I figured, since it was only the second time I’d ever buzzed my head, and something I wouldn’t likely do many more times, if at all, I might as well buzz it into a mohawk just for fun to see what it looked like. I had planned on just taking pictures, then buzzing the rest of my head too, but Larry and Jess convinced me to at least keep the mohawk for a day or so.
So there ya go.