Larry and I were at the deli counter at the grocery store procuring some lunch meat. We’d ordered up a half pound of Primo Taglio turkey breast when one of the other deli workers came over and informed us that if we bought a pound of Primo Taglio we would get a free calculator in our choice of red, green or purple. We were buying another half pound of ham anyway, so we did indeed get our free calculator. Not only was it a calculator, but it was a clip on calculator! The top was a spring loaded clip like those carabiner keychains! Wow! I could take my meat calculator everywhere!
This exchange pretty much had us puzzled for the rest of the day. Somewhere, someone had had to come up with this bizarre promotion.
“Hey, I’ve got it! Let’s give away calculators if people buy a pound our meat!”
I mean really, who doesn’t associate meat and calculators? It’s a classic duo, like Spaghetti and Ice Cream! We started theorizing how this might have come about. Perhaps some company had somehow ended up with a surplus of clip on calculators, and one day, the manager of this company had lunch with his pal, the manager of Primo Taglio.
“Damn, what the hell am I gonna do with 10,000 clip on calculators!”
“Don’t ask me, I just sell meat.”
“Say! You could have a promotion! I’ll sell you all these calculators, dirt cheap, and you can give ’em away if people buy a pound of meat!”
And here I am with a pound of lunch meat and a bitchin’ purple clip on calculator.