Money and Happiness

Why is it so rare that these two things go together. It seems like I only ever have an abundance of one. Right now, I don’t know that I’ve ever felt as happy in some ways and creatively fulfilled. Since we’ve been in Austin my creative passions have run free. This weekend alone, I went on something like 6 auditions, and I must say kicked ass, but more on that later in the entry. The point is that our money situation is beyond an emergency state, and I must find a job, any job, and quick. This will balance out the money factor at the expense of my happiness factor. Anyway, enough about that, onto the fun stuff.
I had 3 different auditions today (all for non-paying projects). Before the first one, I stumbled upon a monologue that just resonated with me and fit like a glove. I have 2 other monologues, one light, and one darker that I’ve been using when needed up until this point. I knew immediately that I just had to learn this new one. With both the others, I really had to struggle and work on delivery and timing and such. The new one just flowed with me perfectly from the moment I read it. I quickly memorized it, and 30 minutes later did it at my first audition. They then asked if I had another one from a different angle, so I did my light hearted one from my repertoire. By the end they knew they wanted to use me in their short film. One small hitch was that this film was for the 48 hour film contest where film makers receive a genre and some miscellaneous detail Friday night at 7:00 and have 48 hours to make and submit a film. What’s the hitch? The fact that I had already auditioned for 2 other teams, one of which wants to use me for something, albeit they told me it would be for like 30 minutes on Friday night which wouldn’t interfere with the other 2 which would be shooting on Saturday. So now the problem was which of the other two to participate in.
I went to my second audition for a short student film, and absolutely killed with my portrayal of a tailor named Vito which I did with a strong New York accent.
My third audition was callbacks for the other 48 hour team which I had auditioned for yesterday. I told them that the other team definitely wanted me, so I wasn’t sure I should even audition again with them. They said they also wanted me, and that they’d love for me to at least stay and read, and I could decide later. I stayed and read, and felt like I kicked some ass. I then waited around before a second round of reading, and got to know some really cool actors as we chatted away for hours. After the second reading, they wanted me to stay for a third reading since they were really short on guys to read opposite the girls so I did. In the end, I felt I’d really done well, and now I have to decide which of these two teams to go with, and hope that the third doesn’t end up changing from the initial Friday night shooting estimate.
It’s nice to be wanted and feel confident in my work. I’m trying to just bask in my current happiness and not think about the getting a job thing right now. At least until tomorrow. I actually put in an 8 hour day of auditioning today. Crazy, eh? I have begun my world take over.

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  1. Jess says:

    Awww! I [heart] my adorable actor. Also, I think it’s pertinent to point out how similar in spirit this 48 hour film competition is to NaNoWriMo. Of course, I’m kind of fixated with that right now, so everything is about NaNo for me.

  2. Mom/Kathie says:

    Yay Heath!! I always knew you were the most talented man on earth. As for the no money and need job now…I had to borrow $20.00 of Haeli’s birthday money.(With her permission).I sent all this months bills to Mike and said I would look for a job in another couple of weeks, but my car keeps overheating and stalling and I’m afraid if I don’t get something very close, I won’t make it. I even thought about applying at Walmart or Hastings just though Christmas, but then I wouldn’t be able to take off a few days at Christmas to take Haeli to Mike and Pat’s. (Hopefully).D.A. wants me to come to Christopher’s World Grill to sing(For $10.00 a night) for sort of an audition to see if they can get the piano bar going there on Wed. and Thurs.He plays there several times a week, but only instrumentals.I’m just not sure if my car will get me that far though . Oh well.
    Love, Mom

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