Finally getting around to doing this music meme from Annika’s blog.
Step 1: Put your MP3 player or whatever on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 20 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing the song.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song and artist the lines come from.

I used the term “first line” loosely. I didn’t define it as the first sentence but more what felt, musically, like the first line or at least enough to have a chance of figuring it out (although I doubt anyone will get most of mine). I skipped instrumentals. Aside from that, anything with words was fair game. Out of 2680 mp3s on my iPod, here are the first 20 that came up when set to “shuffle” (a.k.a. random).

  1. Isn’t it strange? Feels like I’m looking in the mirror.
  2. I can’t decide where all of my confidence left high and dry all over and out.
  3. Made a meal and threw it up on Sunday, I’ve got a lot of things to learn.
  4. Riddle me this, riddle me that, why do I wake up and cry?
  5. I got my hair highlighted because I thought some strands were more important than others.
  6. September ’57, it was really strange year.
  7. Looking through the backyard of my life, time to sweep the fallen leaves away.
  8. It’s all too much.
  9. Every move I make, every rule I break, makes me want it more.
  10. I was on “That 70’s Show” one episode and I put it on my acting resume.
  11. I look at you all, see the love there that’s sleeping, while my guitar gently weeps.
  12. How can I forget the conversation, such a fresh display of imagination.
  13. And I said before, I don’t want no more.
  14. I don’t know, because she said so. (initially #14 came up as an alternate version of #11, so I skipped to another song)
  15. Yeah now tell me girl, won’t you tell me true, help me get this out of my head.
  16. The lights are low, and we’re alone.
  17. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to you!
  18. You’re my size, I need to try you on.
  19. Well now when I get the blues, gonna get me a rockin’ chair.
  20. We’ve been driving all night long just to reach our destination in your town.

Highlight below for answers:

  1. I think I’m a Clone Now – Weird Al Yankovic
  2. Only a Few – Spacehog
  3. Stand By Me – Oasis
  4. Riddle – Cadillac Voodoo Choir
  5. Highlights – Mitch Hedberg
  6. Vampires in Love – Marvelous 3
  7. Promise To You Girl – Paul McCartney
  8. It’s All Too Much – The Beatles
  9. Don’t You Know – Devo
  10. Acting – Mitch Hedberg
  11. While My Guitar Gently Weeps – The Beatles
  12. Motormouth – Sugarbomb
  13. As I Said Before – Zebra
  14. Big Machine – Velvet Revolver
  15. Havin’ A Ball – Styx
  16. First Time – Styx
  17. Happy Birthday – Weird Al Yankovic
  18. Have It All – Foo Fighters
  19. Flip, Flop and Fly – The Blues Brothers
  20. 18 Miles to Memphis – Stray Cats