is coming together nicely. Today I got up at the obscene hour of 5 a.m. to go be an audience member for an infomercial. We all met in a mall parking lot and were driven in a really nice bus to San Antonio where it was shooting. Much to my surprise the infomercial starred THE infomercial guy. The English guy in the red bow tie and suspenders. If you haven’t seen this guy, then you must not have seen many infomercials. Anyway we clapped and laughed, and acted like we had just seen the miraculous ways of The Brookshine Automotive Surface Treatment System until about 11 a.m. and then they didn’t need us for a while so we ate free food, and lounged around the studio. It turned out they didn’t need us at all for the rest of the day so we just hung around until 3 p.m. when we loaded back on the bus and came back to Austin.
On the way back I got a call on my cell phone to tell me that I will be playing a policeman in the new Luke and Owen Wilson movie “The Wendell Baker Story” so that is mega cool (hi Bettie! Oh, side note: I made Jess watch “Kung Pow: Enter The Fist” the other day and was extra amused every time they called the bad guy Bettie).
Craig Davis and I are doing an acoustic duo show tomorrow night at The Pier, which should be interesting, fun, and by the seat of our pants. We also continue work on our upcoming CD.
I got another call about a real job yesterday, also. They are supposed to call me back later this week for an interview. It sounded like the best job so far, but we’ll see. I’m still waiting to hear about the other job that was supposed to call me back as soon as the hiring manager got his stuff together. I also have a third (and least attractive) job possibility I could probably take if both these others somehow fall through. I’ve determined that I am going to put all my efforts tomorrow into finding Jess a job so that I can do my best to render these points moot.