“Your present plans are going to succeed”. Wow, how I hope that cookie knows what it’s talking about. Aside from no real income, I’ve frighteningly been actually starting to have a taste of the life I want to be leading. Craig Davis has been keeping us alive with his generosity in paying me for our studio work and such.
Even though the money’s not rolling in yet, I’ve been quite busy, and am seeing a lot of possibilities. I may just be on my way to doing what I want to be doing. Yesterday alone, we went into the studio, polished this jingle we’re trying to get sold (hopefully within the next week or so), then cut a new song for our upcoming CD. When I got home I had an email from the other studio I’d been in contact with about jingle work, and they wanted to know if I could do a mock folk song in the vein of “A Mighty Wind”. I got the email at 5:00, and a few hours later I had emailed them a finished demo (I have my computer set up to act as a home studio).
This morning he had emailed me back with some changes and by 1:00 this afternoon I had sent him the revamped demo. I was quite proud of my 20 hour turnaround time from first contact to finished demo, which included 8 hours of sleeping, and some idle time too. Here’s hoping the company buys it and throws some money at me.
Craig and I are preparing for our full frontal assault on the music scene too. We’ve talked to the drummer we use in the studio about playing for us, and it happens he also books bands at many places all around Austin. We just need a singing bass player to complete the band. We’re looking to have some promo pictures done, and start getting press packets out to everyone, and doing some gigs. Hopefully our CD will be finished by year end. Many things are a-brewing. If we can only hold out financially, there is great potential.
I’m keeping this fortune from the cookie with me at all times.