Just started tray 10. Almost 1/3 done! Not much new to say. Getting a new bottom tray in is still a struggle over that one problem tooth, but I can now get the trays out fairly easily with just my hands, even on the first day of a new tray! That’s nice. I already like the way I look so much better. I’ve adjusted to life with Invisalign now and it all just seems the norm. The production of eating and carrying my “kit” everywhere I go with my Invisalign case, Sonicare tooth brush, toothpaste, a little bottle filled with Listerine, and my “chew toy” that they give to chew on to make sure the trays are really seated as well as possible, though I only usually use it when I first put in a new tray. The rest of the time I seem to get them seated plenty well with just my fingers. At my last checkup, they said everything was tracking well and that I obviously was wearing mine all the time like I was supposed to.

Damn right! I didn’t pay $6,000 to half ass it and I want the best results as fast as possible!