My latest geeky find; spam filtering for Outlook

I have been using Popfile with Outlook Express for a long time now. Basically, Popfile allows you to set up “buckets” and then filter mail into them. For example you could have the buckets “mail”, “spam”, “work related”, and “family” to filter emails that fall into those categories. It’s totally customizable, and you can configure buckets for anything you want. It uses “Baysean filtering” to intelligently learn what mail goes into what bucket. If it gets something incorrect, you reclassify it, and it learns. I found it to keep a roughly 98% accuracy after it’s initial learning curve. Very cool.
Well in my recent email client experimenting I decided to give Outlook a closer look instead of Outlook express. One reason was that I could use Pocket Mirror to sync my Palm Vx PDA up with Outlook, thus keeping my addresses and calendar easily synced up between the two. I was thrilled to find Outclass. Which adds this functionality into Outlook. You still have to install Popfile, but that’s it. You don’t run or configure Popfile at all, just merely have it installed. Outclass then takes over and does everything natively within Outlook, including adding buttons to the tool bar to easily reclassify mail and access settings and such. I’ll still be keeping an eye on Mozilla Thunderbird, but for the moment, Outlook, along with Pocket Mirror, Popfile, and Outclass, has definitely taken over as my mail client.


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  1. Cyber says:

    I have been using SpamBully for Outlook Express and Outlook for 5 months. I am absolutely in love with this program. My Spam went from almost 100 per day down to zero! Most anti-spam tools try to identify spam by looking at various characteristics. SpamBully takes a thoroughly different and differently thorough approach.

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