Delle left me a comment, and therefore her request for a new entry shall be granted. Now you must realize that I hardly ever get any comments at all and therefore assume that there is very little stalking going on, which then leads to lack of updates because the enthusiasm to update wanes greatly when you think no one is reading your drivel anyway. So for Delle, a haiku:
Everyone loves Delle
Blue fluffy inner children
She loves a giraffe
We’re off for a weekend in Austin filled with gigs, studio recording (both of which are detailed in a previous entry), gamecubing, and a movie at The Alamo Drafthouse, that cool movie house where you can order food and drinks. It rules. If the weather is right we might try and fly our cool new kite that I bought. It’s a big dragon with a 6 foot wingspan and the wind goes in his mouth and inflates his body so it’s a full 3D kite. We may also watch my limited edition “Memento” DVD with commentary, or the option where you can watch the movie in chronological order. All in all, looks to be a fun weekend!