We’re heading to Austin again this weekend to go tooooooobin down the Guadalupe river. Last year I went and the river flow was so low, that it totally sucked. Half the time our asses were dragging across rocks and occasionally we had to get up and walk across some precarious rocky bits because we certainly couldn’t float over them. Ironically, while we were toooobin last year, it started to rain. That rain continued for weeks and completely flooded the river pretty much wiping out everything that was along it’s banks including all the toooooooberies.
My friend, Esteban, had kept his car key on him instead of leaving it with the toooooooobin office who had a special place just to keep people’s keys. Consequently, we got back to his car only to realize we couldn’t get in. He called some number for the Volkswagen place since he had a road-side service deal or something, and then we waited for like an hour and a half in the pouring torrential rain for the guy to come open the car up. Once the guy actually got there, he had a really hard time getting it open too. Ah, good times!
So hopefully this year will be more fun. The flow looks much better than last year, and I have my wife with me this year too! Esteban’s birthday is at the end of June so we’re all going to back again in a month to go tooooooooooooobin down the Comal (which we also did last year and found it much better than the Guadalupe) and go to Schlitterbahn, the #1 water park in the country according to the travel channel! See you all Monday!