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I’ve got my new stage name: Whatshisface Allyn. That way when people are casting some good character role they’ll say “You know who we need? Whatshisface! That guy who was in that thing!”
Then they’ll call me because I’ll be the only actor named “Whatshisface.” The spelling doesn’t work too well though. Maybe I should be “Watzizface” or something. Perhaps “Whats-his-face.” I’ll never have top billing, but that’s O.K. I’d rather have a great character actor career like Gary Oldman anyway.

Jacket Watch 2007!

Let it be known that while the jackets in the previous post were vying for my position of “all-purpose”jacket that could be worn in any situation, weather, etc., Jess plans to make me an equally cool (possibly cooler in fact), if slightly less versatile coat. Behold

I have found the one jacket to rule them all

Many years ago, I stumbled upon Wested leather. They made all the jackets for the Indiana Jones films and they sell custom tailored authentic replicas of the jackets for extremely reasonable prices. I was very intrigued. I ended up commissioning them to make this jacket for me. Sadly, after many moons and many complications, the jacket they sent me looked absolutely nothing like that jacket whatsoever. Nothing. It was still a nice, hand made, custom fitted leather jacket though, so I kept it. Over the years I lost a lot of weight. This combined with the fact that my jacket wasn’t exactly what I was looking for cause my jacket hunger to continue to slowly build over the years.
Tonight, I was once again browsing the Indiana Jones jackets again with lust. I did some searches and was reading some forums where people were talking about their Indy jackets and posting pictures and such. That’s when I found my holy grail of jackets in this post. You can also see it on the Wested products page here. I absolutely must have it. As soon as I saw it I knew it was The Jacket. The only possible competition is the Angel jacket pictured earlier, but I don’t know any way to actually obtain that one, so the Wested wins by way of availability.

The Ambiguously(?) Gay Duo

Or to paraphrase Jay speaking about Silent Bob, “Meet my hetero lifemate, Larry.”
I thought I had written about this before but I couldn’t find anything in my archives. A while back I got out of bed to find some guys on my balcony fixing up our balcony railing. We live in a condo complex and pay an exorbitant homeowner’s fee so we don’t have to do any outside maintenance. As I noticed this older, buzzcut gentleman on our balcony, Larry emerged from his bedroom, also just having woke up. We opened the sliding door and asked if it would be helpful to move our patio furniture inside while he replaced the railing.
As we reflected on this later, we realized what it must have looked like, both of us in pajamas and rumpled hair, obviously just rolling out of bed at noon. This led to great amusement and a comedy skit with an ignorant bigot yelling “Fags go home! Go back to where you came from! Go back to…uhh…Fagtopia or whatever!”
Then yesterday we were both in the grocery store (where we are frequently seen together) in our pajamas buying hair dye and ice cream. When the cashier looked at the receipt and correctly pronounced Larry’s last name, I remarked how the last time a cashier there had tried to thank us, she had mangled Larry’s last name. It was at this point that it hit me that this was yet another moment when we must have seemed like the gayest hetero non-couple in existence. It probably didn’t help that I also had one thumbnail painted with a sparkly prism nail polish that looks green and purple depending on how the light hits it.

Xmas loot!

Twas a nice Xmas in our household with much good loot to be had. Among all my goods were this T-qualizer shirt that actually lights up in reaction to sound, my stealth Converse, and a Utilikilt. I think I should wear them all at once. I did wear my T-qualizer shirt to my band’s new years eve gig. It was quite the spectacle.
We also went to Lake Charles to visit Larry’s family and to pick ujp his new used car. We watched Rocky I-IV, then saw Rocky Balboa which was actually pretty good. A nice bookend to Rocky I. We didn’t get a chance to watch Rocky v yet, which most people think is one of the worst, but a few people I know think it was actually pretty good, and I certainly don’t see how it could be worse than Rocky IV which was just a commercial cliché ’80s stereotype all around.
We also watched a lot of Larry’s Twilight Zone DVDs. I’d forgotten how much I liked the original show. I’m seriously thinking of getting the complete collection from Amazon.
For my birthday, I really wanted some Bluebell Birthday Cake ice cream. We’d had it once before and it was one of the best ice creams ever. Sadly it is a “rotational” flavor so it comes and goes. We hadn’t seen any in quite some time. In Lake Charles, we did find some “King Cake” ice cream based on the Mardi Gras King Cake. We got some of that, and Larry’s mom made me a chocolate cake. The combination of cake and this ice cream was definitely a worthy substitute. I ate way too much of it. Larry’s mom kept us well fed all around. She made us some of the best Spinach Artichoke dip ever, and even the chili dogs she made were awesome. never thought chili dogs could be that special, but hers made me a fan!
We’re planning on still having some kind of get belated together for my birthday and it may involve Lazer Tag, which was a blast when Larry and I went with his visiting friend. All in all, a nice holiday season.

Typekey logins are fixed

So apparently no one has been able to log in to typekey to comment since the time change in October, but unfortunately no one told me, so I didn’t know until this week. I tracked down the problem and had to lead my ISP to the solution, but typekey is once again working now.

Dear Christmas:

We would like to opt out. Please remove us from your subscriber list as we would no longer like to participate. You make my wife grumpy and guilty, and this makes me unhappy because I don’t like things that make my wife unhappy.
We (like most of the world, probably) suffer the lovely double whammy of spending money we don’t really have because we love getting cool things for the people in our lives and yet at the same time we end up feeling inadequate and guilty because there are so many wonderful people in our lives and therefore we do even a handful of them justice, much less, all or even most of them.

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Ghost Town?

Wow. I’ve really let my website go. I hadn’t realized how long it had been since I wrote something. I’m sure what few meager readers I had have probably given up on me. Never the less, I am going to try, in earnest, to nurture it back to health.
Life has been pretty good. I’m still managing to stay out of the clutches of “The Man” and his “real jobs” and yet we have all our bills paid and some money in the bank. We’ll how that continues to fare when unemployment runs out. I’ve got as many irons in as many fires as I can trying to get my freelancing to even remotely resemble a career. I’ve been working a lot as an extra on films, did some free Production Assistant work in hopes to cultivate some professional relationships here, and of course I still work on the Austin Movie Show. In fact, while shooting the latest Movie Musketeers piece, I had one of those moments that just crystallizes in your memory. You step back and realize that it’s just one of those unique moments in life.
Larry and I were shooting the final shots of our Casino Royale Movie Musketeers piece. It was just the two of us, his camera and a borrowed bicycle. We were dressed in disheveled tuxedos on the side of the road leading to a cul-de-sac. We would press record and I would run down the street where Larry would be waiting with the bike, and I would jump up onto the handlebars with my martini glass in hand sloshing water all over myself. Then we would ride past the camera sloshing and looking in a general state of disarray. Just we finished shooting, our friend jon drove by into the complex at the end of the cul-de-sac, where he lives. He came walking back to see what the hell we were doing.
Larry and I could not stop laughing the entire time we were shooting. We just reveled in that moment of our lives. Two grown men in disheveled tuxedos on the side of the road trying to film themselves riding by on a bike with me on the handlebars sloshing a martini. I think that pretty much sums up my life right now in a weird, surreal, but totally good way.