We now broadcast to you our official first entry from our new condo. We aren’t supposed to have internet yet, but for some reason we do. Mmmmmm, free contraband internet. The move went as well as a move could go, being that moving is inherently evil. We paid some movers a hefty some to do all the hard work, and it was some of the best money we’ve ever spent. The main brunt of the move was done in something like an hour or so, however due to the fact that we knew we could be a bit lazy on our part, we were, and thus required several trips back and forth to get all our straggling possessions shuttled to the new locale. We weren’t very good about actually boxing everything we own up, but it worked out because we ended up reusing a lot of boxes. We would unpack some of them at the new place then take them back to the old place to re-pack them with more stuff. We pretty much spent the entire rest of the day split between moving the rest of our stuff, and unpacking organizing etc. By the end of the day we had actually accomplished a hell of a lot of progress and are all at home in our new home. Now you must all come and visit.